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How Can Allergy Medication Help?

While allergy medications do not treat the underlying cause of allergies, they can provide significant symptom relief.

Common types of allergy medications include:

• Antihistamines (oral or intranasal)
• Nasal steroid sprays
• Leukotriene blockers

Antihistamines work by blocking histamines – a chemical produced by your immune system in response to a perceived threat, such as an allergen. Nasal steroid sprays are powerful anti-inflammatory medications that reduce swelling in the nasal passageway to alleviate congestion, pressure, and difficulty breathing through the nose. Leukotriene blockers work by inhibiting the action of leukotrienes, one cause of the inflammation and nasal congestion associated with allergies.

Allergy medications can be crucial in managing allergy symptoms. East Texas Ear, Nose, & Throat is a full-service allergy treatment center with the resources and expertise to diagnose your allergy symptoms and recommend allergy treatment.